Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Going Nowhere: Two Hyped-Up Stories Likely to End in Disappointment

Sometimes in sports, it's better to expect the unexpected.

Brett Favre and Roy Halladay. They're on television broadcasts, the front page of the sports section, and the homepage of sports websites. Heck, if someone told me I could find Favre or Halladay at my local supermarket, I wouldn't be shocked.

After weeks of drama surrounding the two icons of their respective sports, recently both players are making headlines once again. They're not going anywhere.

In the case of Favre, it just simply wasn't to be. After an unsettling season with the New York Jets last year, Favre reports he will elect to stay retired and not sign with the Minnesota Vikings. This comes after the 39-year-old Favre expressed interest back in May in making yet another return to the game he couldn't leave. And yet, after weeks, months even, of discussion, banter, surgery, and rumors, the only place Favre is going is home to his Mississippi ranch.

Roy Halladay knows a little something about going nowhere, too. Scheduled to make $15.75 million next season in the final year of his deal with the Blue Jays, the Toronto clubhouse has experienced mounting pressure in recent weeks to deal the big right hander before Friday's fast approaching non-wavier trade deadline. As GM J.P. Ricciardi continues to turn down offers and a number of teams are now showing dwindling interest, Ricciardi was quoted saying, "My gut is we don't move [Halladay]... Nothing is close. Nothing is happening." And, like Favre, this comes after weeks of fervid deliberation about where Halladay would land and who's division race he would so dramatically impact.

Some people feel cheated. After hours of gazing at the television set, staring into a monitor, reading a popular newspaper column, the excitement surrounding the Favre and Halladay stories has all but faded into oblivion. Almost as if part of the burning passion, the wild enthusiasm, the blazing flame that resides within the heart of every sports fan was stolen, out of the clear blue, and reduced to little more than a glowing ember. After all he's been through, everyone believed Favre would suit up in a purple jersey this season. As a result of all the rumors, everyone anticipated waking up one fine morning and learning about the blockbuster Roy Halladay deal.

Score two for the unexpected.

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