Thursday, July 30, 2009

L.A.mar: Odom Agrees to Return to Lakers

When your simultaneously getting text messages from Kobe Bryant and Dwanye Wade, you know your a coveted basketball player.

6'10" Foward Lamar Odom is all too familar. Odom, a key part of the last season's championship campaign with the Lakers, has reportedly agreed to deal with the Lakers worth $33 million over four years. This news comes after more than three weeks of contract discussions in which Dwayne Wade's Heat tried to sway the Laker Forward to sign with Miami.

Odom provided a postseason punch off the bench for his Laker squad, averaging 12.3 points, third-best on the team, and 9.1 rebounds, second-best on the team, during the playoffs.

The Odom resigning may have saved what was almost a shaky offseason for L.A. The reigning champs lost their star defender and incredible athlete Trevor Ariza and were mighty close to losing legendary coach Phil Jackson to retirement. On the plus side, the Lakers have made a key acquisition thus far, adding Houston's fiery Forward Ron Artest.

After a potentially troublesome few weeks or so, only one question remains in L.A.

Two-peat, anyone?

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